Are You Real or Fake?


Real People

  1. Real people – “Say what they mean and mean what they say.” They do not “beat around the bush” and are straight forward in there interactions.
  2. Real people - are not afraid of conflict. Conflict is handled in appropriate healthy ways, such a direct communication which can spur growth and development.
  3. Real people - are not concerned with what other people think. They are not controlled by norms are trends. They are the “trend makers.”
  4. Real people - enjoy being social; however, enjoy and foster independence.
  5. Real people - any given day are willing to laugh, cry and learn something new. These traits are what it means to be human.

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Fake People

  1. Fake people - smile to your face, but go behind your back. Interactions are surface level and true feelings, thoughts and concerns are hidden. They may also show interest or kindness to others while holding onto highly negative views or opinions of the people they talk to.
  2. Fake people - hide from conflict. They either view conflict as the worst possible thing or that it is a huge negative. They would rather go on with the “status quo” because it benefits them or out of fear. This thought process can have negative effects on one’s mental health such as depression and anxiety.
  3. Fake people - are often consumed with what others think about them. They HAVE to be viewed a certain way. So, every thought and action is geared towards pleasing others. This process leaves fake individuals with diminished sense of self’s and a pattern of not meeting their own needs. This also leads to anxiety and the possibility of developing a meant health disorder or harmful behaviors to one’s self.
  4. Co-dependency - is a term that is often connected to someone who is fake. There happiness and well-being is contingent on other people. The co-dependent is fake to themselves and struggle to communicate their true needs in a relationship.
  5. Fake people - have difficulty allowing themselves to feel or express emotion. It takes a certain level of vulnerability in oneself experience emotion and furthermore be able to express it consciously. Remember,


"Whatever is repressed is expressed."
Which one are you?

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