How Do I Know if I need Therapy?

Ask yourself the following questions:

· Have I been trying to manage my trauma, anxiety & Depression on my own, but continue to struggle?

· Do I have a hard time accomplishing and enjoying everyday tasks and activities?

· Do I lie awake at night worrying about the next day? or my future?

· Is my trauma and anxiety affecting my home, work, school, and/or social life?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, it sounds like therapy may be a good option to explore. I am happy to discuss your needs further and help determine which path is right for you.

What Will The First Session Be Like?

After initial paperwork is collected and reviewed, the session is open for you to discuss 1.) What brought you to therapy, and 2.) What you would ultimately like to achieve through our sessions together? We will begin to develop an individualized plan that will address your presenting problems.

How Are You Different From Other Therapists?

My entire practice is devoted to treating adult individuals experiencing anxiety. I have been intensively trained in the use of EMDR, which I use to help individuals discover, and overcome, the underlying thoughts/reasons for their struggles. This produces long-term results, rather than temporary relief. I also focus on helping you become your own therapist, which fosters independence, confidence, and power in being able to cope with future challenges that come your way.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Since each individual's challenges are unique, it is difficult to estimate the number of sessions you may need. It may be helpful to keep in mind the saying, "Practice makes progress." When learning anything new, including counseling strategies that will be discussed in sessions, it is important to practice them outside of our time together for faster, better results.

What Are Your Fees and Do You Take Insurance?

I am a private pay therapist. My fee is $200 per hour for EMDR therapy. The sessions run a hour and half. I do a 2 hour initial session in order to get to know you better and be able to start the EMDR process in the first session.

Is There A Benefit of Paying Out of Pocket?

Choosing to use insurance is a personal decision. While private-pay costs for treatment may seem expensive, it is important to view therapy as an investment in yourself, and your future. Some benefits of choosing to pay out of pocket are as follows: 1.) Insurance companies require me to make a diagnosis. Many individuals choose to forgo insurance, as they do not wish to have a mental health diagnosis on their permanent health records. 2.) Insurance companies can ask for personal information regarding your treatment, which they can use to either allow or deny future sessions. 3.) Whereas insurance companies can limit the frequency and length of our sessions together, paying out of pocket allows for flexibility, so that both you and I, together, have complete control over your treatment.





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